Below is the intro for the campaign I gave to the players.

Winter is coming but we are not prepared. Fort Mintar lies in ruins and many good crusaders fell. When will this darkest night of the year end? When will we be rescued from this place? Iomedea please save us, please save Lastwall.

Six hours before the attack
Captain Galadon was making his rounds around the most northern outpost of the realm. Fort Mintar is a prestigious post. A place one could make a name for himself. It was also a place where death was around the corner. So the fort needs to be on full alert especially on a cold night as this one. There was a tension in the air. He sensed it and so did the veteran soldiers. The younger soldiers were complaining about the cold but the veterans where preparing for combat. They would learn soon enough to read the signs. After the walk on the walls the captain returned to his quarters. He studied the map of the area. This was really the frontier and he could see the scout reports. Orc’s marched north and east of the fort and where several days away. He reread his diary and checked his equipment and went to bed. Maybe they would attack tonight.

One hour before the attack
Gald Strongson was finally done with his duties and was heading for the kitchen dice game. This was the place to be for making money. He would clean out the poor fellows, Desna was with him tonight. The kitchen was packed and there would be a nice profit today. Among the crowd were Agnus, Prion and Salek. They knew him well enough not to be playing against him. They could not match his luck. Gald had some time and he intended to double his money.

Sergeant Masser knew of the illegal gambling in the kitchen. He knew about the distillery in the east tower. He also knew that Kalek and Hiros where having a nice time in the west tower. He knew the time was right to kill everyone in Fort Mintar. He and most of his senior soldiers would probably survive the oncoming slaughter. The captain would also survive. It was time to separate the boys from the man. Only the strong can survive. The pure would stand after the attack and they would be approached by the Order. He almost smiled at the bloodshed that was about to happen. Of course the Orcs would attack from the west tower; his message would make sure of that. May Gorum have mercy on him and his trusted followers.

Two minutes before the attack
Gutripper inspected his troops. They were not the best of the best but they could handle an axe. And they are fired to kill some humans and maybe take some food with them. He would taste human flesh tonight. His scouts reported that the west tower was indeed not manned. That would be his entry into the fort. He send his son Motherkiller and ten of his braves to the tower. He saw them climb the wall and then the signal. He and ninety brothers ran to the wall. He was amazed how quite orcs could be.

In moments he was in the western tower and was greeted by his son. Motherkiller pointed to the two bodies of naked human guards and smiled. Gutripper made one final prayer to Rovagug and commanded his pack to attack. They poured from the western tower and slaughter all they saw. There was no defense and some resistance on the eastern tower. Some older soldiers where keeping their ground. First target was the barracks and dining area. Second target would be the command quarters. Gutripper tried his best to explain this to his pack. But once the fighting started he could see the tactics where lost and the slaughter continued.

Gald saw the first orc jump through the door. This orc killed two unarmed soldiers right. More orcs followed and soon the kitchen was filled with the dead or the dying. Gald was hit on his arm but managed to reach the cellar. Others made it to the cellar. Some were wounded and bleeding. Then the dripping started; blood from the kitchen and the dining hall seeped through cracks in the floor. He found a small crack and looked through; he saw the head of Agnus on the floor. He looked so surprised and shocked.

Defenders of Lastwall